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Temples in Salem

Kailasanathar Kovil (Tharamangalam)
     30 km from Salem. A Siva temple, perhaps the most beautiful of its kind in Salem District.  Parts of it existed as early as the tenth century: as it stands now, it is the product of the Gatti Mudhali dynasty of the seventeenth century.  Reconstruction and collaboration of the old temple was begun by Mummudi, continued by Siyazhi, and was brought near completion by Vanagamudi.  This West facing temple is enclosed by a massive stone wall measuring 306’ and 164’ reportedly built in the thirteenth century.  The main entrance tower (5 storey’s 90’high) is conceived as a chariot on wheels, drawn by elephants and horses.  Twice a year, during August-September and February – March for three days in succession, the rays of the evening, sun shine through the entrance tower, the portico, and enters the sanctum sanctorum and falls on the deity.  The consort of Kailasanathar is Sivakami. 
Kandhasramam, Udaiyapatti
     5km from Salem.  A temple complex, constructed between the years 1970 and 1971 by Santhanandha Brahmendhra Sarasvathi Adhyavadhutha Swamy.  It is situated on the extreme northern end of the Jarugu Malai mountain on the banks of stream called Kannimar Odai and is dedicated to three deities:  Murugan as Skandha Guru, Lakshmi as Dhurga Paramesvari.  The complex also contains shrines for Sadhasiva Swamy and Swayamprakasa Bramendhra Sarasvathi Adhyavadhutha Swamy, two renowned saints of the avadhutha order and the gurus of the founder.  The mammoth stone statues of Anjaneyuar, Vinayakar, Dhatthathreya (all of them 16 high), and Idumban (13) are remarkable for size and artistry.  The Yajur Vedhic School in the complex gives instruction and training to young Brahmins into priesthood.
Kottai Mariamman Temple
     This Temple is one of the very oldest pilgrims in the Salem district.  In every July – August Mariamman festival is very famous. This temple is located in heart of the city.
Kandasamy Kovil
     Kalpatti A Murugan temple, also known as the Sundhara Kandhaswamy Kovil, one of the seven richest temples in the district.  The karum sambal (black ash) that is given to the devotees is believed to cure diseases and to serve as an antidote for snake poison. The temple was founded in the late eighteenth century by Pazhani Kavundar and later (around 1820) was built up by Katteri Lakshmana Kavundar.  The hut in which the founder worshipped his kaadi is now the Idumban shrine, a part of the expanded temple complex.  It includes the Raja Gopuram and a peacock shrine all enclosed within a compound wall.  The Raja Gopuram was renovated in 1978.  There are temple chariots, Chithra Ther and Vinayaka Ther, Which are pulled around the temple during festivals.  The annual Thaipoosam festival in January is very popular and is attended by thousands of pilgrims from the surrounding villages who bear kaavadi in fulfillment of vows.  The cattle fair held during the festival is one of biggest in the Kongu country. More than 50,000 heads of cattle are sold and bought in this fair.  Entire families from various parts of the district will travel in bullock carts to attend the fair.  On these days, large offerings of agricultural produce, money, and jewels.  There are chathrams built by Arya-Vaisya, and Nattukkottai Chettiyar castes for the convenience of pilgrims.  The Arya-Vaisya chathram is known as Rasipuram Pattabi Chettiyar Chatram and conducts special worships at the temple during February.
Lingam (1008) Temple
     This temple is under the control of a private department of the Vinayaga Mission.  This temple contains 1008 Lingam with Nandi in the ‘Moolasthanam’.  This temple is located in Ariyanoor.
Oothumalai Sathya Narayana Sithar Beedam
     Oothumalai is situated 6 km from Salam.  It is found in Tamil Nadu (India) state, in Trichy Main Road Focused at Oothumalai Pilgrim hill. It has special features as Sri Sathya Narayana Temple which is present on hills, similarly not found anywhere in Tamil Nadu.  Oothumalai hill also has the feature of Swami Muruga Temple.  In this hills, the sithar’s like Agathair, Pambatti Sithar, Bogar and many others made meditation to get grace from the god.

Ayodhyapattanam Ramar Temple
10 km From Salem.  A Suburban town on the eastern end of Salem City.  It is supposed to have been named after Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Rama who is believed to have stayed here on his way from Sri Lanka at the end of the war with the demon king Ravana.  Ayodhya was not only the birthplace of Lord Rama and therefore sacred to the Hindus, but was also sacred to the Jains and Buddhists.  It was the birthplace of Rishaba, Ajitha, and other Jain theerthankarars. It was the place where the celebrated Toothbrush tree of the Buddha grew.  The naming of this village may possibly have roots in the local Jain Buddhist traditions, not just the Hindu epic, Ramayana.  It contains a beautiful Vishnu temple dedicated to Kothandaramar.  The town includes the railway station, Masinayakkanpatti , on the Salem Atthur line.  The weekly market, established by Taluka Board in 1895, meets on Thursdays.
Utthama Chozhapuram Temple
“City of Utthamachozha”, a small town on the western bank of the Thirumanimuthu Aru.  It was known variously as “ Karapuram”, “Kaveri Poompattinam,” and is still known as “Periyur.” During the Chozha period, the town flourished as one of the mahanagars of the Kongu Nadu.  Utthama Cheeti, a local merchant built temple in this area is called Karpuranathar temple.  The village also contains temples dedicated to Azhagiri Perumal and Mari Amman.  In 1854, when the Perumal temple fell into ruins, the deities were removed to the Karapur Nathar Kovil.  The deities returned home after the temple was rebuilt in 1865.  The first zamindhari of the village was sold in 1802 to “Syde Ahmud”  (Syed Ahmad).
It is 25 km away from Salem on the banks of river Vashistanadhi. There is a white rock north of Belur which is said to represent the ashes of the Yagam (Sacrificial fire) performed by Vashista.


 Lord Prsanna Venkataramana Perumal is a swayambumurthi.Omalur is 29 km from Salem. Town buses are available from Omalur to the temple place. Omalur is about 10 kms from Taramangalam and from Omalur, the Chinna Tirupathi temple is about an other 10kms. There is one place called Chinna Tirupathi near Salem as well. So, make sure you do not land up at the wrong place. The temple is quite an old one, but has been significantly extended in recent years. So, at the outset the temple looks quite new. However, one can observe the contrast in new and old architecture when one enters the inner sanctum. As the name indicates, it is a temple dedicated to lord Vishnu. The lord here assumes the name of Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal.

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